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A weekend with Nel

Sharing is enjoying! Last weekend we had a very special guest in our home: aunt Nel from Australia dared to spend two days and two nights with two men and two dogs in just one house! We started carefully with … Weiterlesen

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Celebrating John’s birthday

Instead of partying in Geldrop at home John and Ine accepted our offer and celebrated John’s birthday in our home. The whole Van den Dungen family was invited and whoever could, showed up. So close to 4 o’clock our house … Weiterlesen

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Australien meets Aurich

Having planned a visit in Aurich for weeks, now it was time to really get going. No more postponing and no more readjusting. So on Friday morning we left Eindhoven to travel North. After an hour the cars from Geldrop … Weiterlesen

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The tante from Oz

Setting new standards seemed to be the idea of Tante Nel when she came to Holland for the tenth time. Instead of traveling Economy Class she was welcome to the Business Class during the first part of her trip from … Weiterlesen

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