Book Review: J. L. Merrow: Hard Fall

I just love the way J.L. Merrow writes her books, so light and yet not superficial, silly or stupid.
In Fall Hard Paul Ansell tries to find back his way into life after he and his boyfriend had a serious accident in Iceland falling down a waterfall. While his boyfriend died, Paul lost his memory and is limping (well, just like the cute plumber from her detective stories; why is that??).

Back in Iceland Paul re-encounters his former best friend Mag who is trying to support him, the overexcited American student Alex and the handsome Viking Viggo. Does anyone of them know more about his so-called accident? And what his boyfriend really his Prince Charming?

This story is a wonderful read for a relaxed weekend. And the best part: it makes you want to go to Iceland, too.


Über kaynerlei

Übersetzer, Dolmetscher und Deutscher mit Wahlheimat in den Niederlanden, liebem Ehemann, zwei Hunden und Faible für Oper und schöne Stimmen
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