Book review: J. L. Merrow: Relief Valve

My favourite plumber, Tom Peretski, is back. While he just starts off having a relationship, a fling, a thing or whatsoever with his new lover, boy-friend, partner, whatsoever, Phil Morrison, his sister contacts him about the last will of a deceased neighbour. Apparently the old neighbour wants Tom to find a hidden object in her ex-husband’s house. Who on Earth would think of that? And not only does Tom’s sister needs to speak to him about that but also about the fact that she is going to get married. And his best friend Gary plans to take his vows, too, with ex-porn-star Darren, who is now selling veggies on the market. But instead of a lot of fun and drinks at his sister’s engagement party, all of a sudden an ambulance has to show up because Tom’s sister almost gets killed? Is she poisoned? Does her finance, a man of the church, have anything to with it? And what about that writing club where apparently more than one wannabe-writer holds a grudge against Tom’s sister. Phil and Tom try to find out who the attacker might be and what their relationship is all about.
I have to admit I was wondering a bit about the limb of Tom that appeared to be so much less severe than in the first book, but nevertheless I still love Merrow’s o so very British writing and all those wonderful typical human characters who make sure that this read will put a huge smile on your face.


Über kaynerlei

Übersetzer, Dolmetscher und Deutscher mit Wahlheimat in den Niederlanden, liebem Ehemann, zwei Hunden und Faible für Oper und schöne Stimmen
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