Book review of John Simpson: Murder most gay

Being a new cop in the team is never easy but being the gay rookie in the force is even more difficult. That`s why Pat St. James is hiding his sexuality, especially in front of his partner, the sexist Fletcher. So his job is completely different from his private life where he can embrace the gay lifestyle in its fullest. But his two lifes start to mingle when murders on young gay men occurs, gruesome murders in the gay scene of town. That`s why Pat and his colleague Hank have to go undercover to try to track down the killer before the death toll gets even worse. Of course it`s rather strange that an undercover cop is still undercover after he has been all over the news. Well, who cares. But is`s till odd, because Simpson is very thorough in his description of police work, and it`s quite obvious that he knows what he is talking about.
During the detectiv work hunting down a shadow (always tedious as a serial killer remains a stranger to a story until his identity is uncovered), Pat has also several very intimate encounters with the men in his life, so there really must be at least one for a happy end. Wanna bet??!!


Über kaynerlei

Übersetzer, Dolmetscher und Deutscher mit Wahlheimat in den Niederlanden, liebem Ehemann, zwei Hunden und Faible für Oper und schöne Stimmen
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