Bücherbesprechung: Lisa Morton: Summer’s End

Lisa Morton: Summer’s End
As Early Reviewer of Librarything I got a copy of this novella, apparently a kind of hybrid thriller annex fantasy story. But after I read the first pages I thought that I had ended up with a scientific approach of Lisa Morton towards the meaning of Halloween. That was kind of boring but fortunately the story changed into something with a plot shortly after that.
Lisa Morton, the ‚writer‘ of this story has a lot of insights about the Celts and their history. That’s why she is asked to have a look at ancient scriptures of a female Celtic druid that might change our knowledge about history and the end of the Druids. Lisa meets the men who are researching those papers and they, especially an Irish archeologist named Conor ó Cuinn, challenge her to test the ancient knowledge and try out some of these spells they appear to work, still! Not only one of the researchers gets killed in course of their explorations, but Lisa also changes into a completely different creature.
But do they really have to change the course of the world and change all the bad things that have happened during the last 1500 years.
Reading this 90 pages long story was kind of funny, but this hybrid genre is not my cup of tea because to me it’s neither fish nor flesh, only a fantasy story that tries to appear to look like the truth. Well, nice try, but no, not quite.



Über kaynerlei

Übersetzer, Dolmetscher und Deutscher mit Wahlheimat in den Niederlanden, liebem Ehemann, zwei Hunden und Faible für Oper und schöne Stimmen
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