Oktoberfest in Munich with a bunch of Aussies

Well, probably nobody wants to read all the other Blog entries about our time in Italy but I guess that some people might be interested in a good laugh about our time with Stephen, Yvonne, Richard and Maree from Australia.

The last stop of our trip to Italy was the first stop of these Aussies in Europe. We met at our hotel and spent the first night at the Munich Hofbräuhaus for some real German food and a couple of first beers while we were listening to some traditional German music. Richard appeared to be very good at jodeling…. but we didn’t do the hossen this time (ms. hossen wasn’t there).

The next morning we had to do some serious shopping before we could show up at the Oktoberfest. And indeed, we managed. All done, all prepared and all ready we marched up the streets and had our first beer at a roundabout for beer. Well, if you seriously want to get drunk, why not try to drink while a pub is just circling…

Afterwards we paid visits to several huge beer tents until we couldn’t find a spot anymore. All the places in there were booked and not just booked the previous day, but about three or four months in advance. So we enjoyed our last beers outside till it good a little bit chilly for our blokes in Lederhosen. Tomorrow would be another day for more fluids.

Friday the Aussies went for a journey to the concentration camp in Dachau. Robert and me had to do some book shopping, or so I said to have a chance for some shopping in Germany before we got back to Holland. In the afternoon we were all ready again to party. The tents were completely packed, crowded, booked, busy and full so that we were lucky to find a very nice spot outside a tent in the sun. Beers and chicken with pretzel kept us busy and warm. The ladies enjoyed their white wine spritzer in decent glasses. What a night. And while the boys and girls from Oz had a last couple of drinks in a bar, the decent boys from Holland just went to bed for some sleep.

Instead of going to Neuschwanstein castle we skipped the 2,5 hours trein ride and I showed them around in Munich. After a couple of hours in the Munich residence of the former dukes and kings we were ready for having lunch in the city centre. After some more sights in town we could go back, pack our suitcases and meet up for a last evening with drinkies. Stephen had found us the perfect sports bar with boxing photographs and soccer on tv. We even saw a Whoopie Goldberg look-a-like and a Rod Stewart look-a-like. How do they do it that they kept so many surprises for us. All of a sudden it was almost twelve. So we had to leave to be fresh and done in the morning for our trip back home.

2009-10-03 Oktoberfest with Aussies

Über kaynerlei

Übersetzer, Dolmetscher und Deutscher mit Wahlheimat in den Niederlanden, liebem Ehemann, zwei Hunden und Faible für Oper und schöne Stimmen
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