Australien meets Aurich

Having planned a visit in Aurich for weeks, now it was time to really get going. No more postponing and no more readjusting.

So on Friday morning we left Eindhoven to travel North. After an hour the cars from Geldrop (John, Ine and Nel) and from Eindhoven (Robert and me with the doggies) met at a motorway restaurant for morning coffee. Coffee and apple cake were nice. Later on we had another lunch break before we reached Aurich in the early afternoon. Aurich is a small city in the Northern part of Germany close to the North Sea. My mum Isolde was so very glad that we made it and that we were all there, that she started with her great entertaining program right away. We enjoyed a very nice afternoon in her garden, sitting in the comfortable garden chairs, warmed by the sun till the early evening.

For supper my mum had prepared a French evening dinner with food that she had brought from her holiday trip to the French Bretagne and Normandy. Just wonderful and delicious things that were accompanied by cider, red wine and Benedictine liqueur. Of course we then not only had a vivid conversation but a hilarious one, too. My niece Hanna joined the group until after supper.

Saturday morning we all went to town. I drove Nel straight away into the city centre so she wouldn’t have to walk all the way. And we had a great entertainment program during the wait. Due to the fact that Aurich had a city partnership with the Dutch town of Appingedam there were a lot of things to do in town. So we started off by listening to a Dutch shanty choir from Appingedam. The others met us soon enough and with all that singing we started to sing and dance along with all the other people. Then we continued our walk through town and listened to more music. There were barrel organs all over town and so many shops to do our window shopping. Of course we ended up in a nice café sitting in the sun and listening to some more music from all those people in town.

After returning to my mother’s house we decided that it would be just as nice to stay the afternoon in the sunny garden than to drive by car to the coast side. So we had drinks and food to relax in just the perfect way. It was once again amazing to see how relaxed it was to spend a couple of days speaking English, German and Dutch together. Everybody just did his or her very best to understand one another. And that’s why we could enjoy the international language of politeness, kindness and friendliness.

John and Ine wanted to invite us for a dinner in town but my mum already had other plans as she had once again prepared a beautiful meal for us. It was so very delicious to be spoiled with all these wonderful things. As a desert we got cherries served flambé with ice. Well, what more could you ask for? And to prove all that we sung some songs together…. Well, we had a laugh and a wonderful time.

Sunday morning it was time to say goodbye because we had to leave again for Holland. And after a safe and carefree journey we reached our homes in the early afternoon. Just great it was. Thank you for your hospitality, dear Isolde. And we are looking forward to see you again.

Unfortunately without sound, but nevertheless nice and funny:

2009-09-18 Australien meets Aurich

Über kaynerlei

Übersetzer, Dolmetscher und Deutscher mit Wahlheimat in den Niederlanden, liebem Ehemann, zwei Hunden und Faible für Oper und schöne Stimmen
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