The tante from Oz

Setting new standards seemed to be the idea of Tante Nel when she came to Holland for the tenth time. Instead of traveling Economy Class she was welcome to the Business Class during the first part of her trip from Perth to Dubai. Unfortunately for her the last bit of the journey had to take place in ordinary seats in Economy class before she got wheeled out of the plane and into the arms of the waiting family. What a great welcome it was when Nel was brought to the exit by a young Dutch man who more or less handed her over into the arms of the awaiting family. Of course John and Ine awaited her, next to them were Astrid, Richard and Robert filming and photographing along the way.

Having landed in Düsseldorf the trip to Geldrop appears to be much shorter and easier than from Schiphol. Wonderful. And at home a wonderful cake was already awaiting this wonderful aunt from Australia. And she wasn’t even tired, so it seemed. This could have been the influence of the comfortable trip in Business Class, couldn’t it have been?? Well, anyway, within days she managed to have her flight back rescheduled so that she would be able to enjoy the comfort and convenience of the happy few when flying back to the land of Oz.

The first couple of days appeared to just fly by (of course Business Class again). The kids and grandchildren came over for a visit, her sister Will came over from Heerlen and also some more nieces showed up to show the lady from the ‚Jeugd van toen‘ what a good time she could have in Holland. Saturday Robert picked Nel up for a short trip to the mall. This was ‚having lunch‘ the Dutch way, spending time at the Hema and having coffee instead of cocktails…

Sunday afternoon John, Ine and Nel came to visit us, Robert and me, at our place in Eindhoven. It’s still almost a 30 minutes drive from Geldrop but worth the while. After a happy welcome Robert and me pointed out the nicest spots of the house, but Nel knew all that! She had paid close attention during all those video performances and photo showing events. But nothing is better than the real thing, isn’t it? Queenie kept sniffing around Nel hoping for some extra cuddles and some food probably.

Then Robert put on his poffertjes apron to prepare some great food for his husband and his guests. As a starter we got fresh vitamins with balsamic before we could enjoy great seafood in our paella. And for desert we had delicious ice cream and raspberries decorated with stylish little parasols in different colors. How creative is that?

Having cappuccino as a kind of after diner desert the family could start watching some old photographs Robert had kept for fun and enjoyment. In addition he showed us some magazines about the last 60 years from Eindhoven. That gave Nel, John and Ine a lot to think off about past, present and future. All these things that happened in the past, all these people they knew and all the beautiful and astounding memories they have kept and cherish until now.

As a further proof of that Robert showed – as a kind of finishing laugh of the evening – the funny and hilarious video of last year’s carnival in Perth. That was fun! Well, and it gets us in the mood for some more carnival parties Down Under. Maybe Sheila & Kylie will come back then. Who knows!?

And of course there are some photo’s to enjoy. Just click on the first one to open the Picase web photo book:

2009-09-13 Essen mit John, Ine und Nell

Über kaynerlei

Übersetzer, Dolmetscher und Deutscher mit Wahlheimat in den Niederlanden, liebem Ehemann, zwei Hunden und Faible für Oper und schöne Stimmen
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